The following conditions apply to all furnished holiday rental at Tissendie, 82190 Bourg de Visa, France.

When booking one of our accommodations, we assume that you have read and agreed to our general terms and conditions.

Rental period:

The rental applies for the agreed period, starting on the day of arrival at 4 p.m. and ending on the day of departure at the latest at 10 a.m.

Reservation and payments:

The accommodation is definitively reserved by the tenant once the deposit has been received.

This deposit is 25% of the rental price and must be paid no later than 7 days after reservation.

One month before arrival we receive the remaining 75% of the rent.

Payments can be transferred by bank.

Means of payment:

Payments of the rent can be made by bank transfer.

Additional items can be paid in cash or with French cheques.

There are no credit card or debit card options.


The rental takes place under the following general conditions:

The tenant declares to personally occupy the rented property, to occupy it neatly and to maintain it properly.

This also applies to all available facilities on our site.

Only registered guests may stay overnight in the rented accommodation.

The tenant is asked for a deposit of € 200. Please pay the deposit in cash upon arrival.

You will receive the deposit back at the end of the rental period, after checking the accommodation and approving the accommodation.

If damage occurs during the stay, the tenant must report this immediately to the landlord.

Repairs or replacement that are / are necessary as a result of damage caused by negligence or bad use of the rented object are at the expense of the tenant.

The damage caused will have to be paid at the final settlement.


The landlord cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation, accident, theft, bad weather, loss or damage of any kind, during or as a result of a stay with us.

We also accept no liability for:

  • Failure or deactivation of technical equipment and failure or closure of facilities on our site.
  • Discomfort and / or inconvenience caused by third parties outside our responsibility
  • Consequences of participating in activities
  • Consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure

The tenant may not refuse the landlord access to the rented property if the landlord requests this.

Visitors of tenants, please consult with the landlord first.

The landlord reserves the right to refuse visitors to the site and / or facilities.

The tenant is held responsible by the landlord for any damage caused by persons who visit them.

Swimming pool:

Our guests can use our swimming pool. The use of the pool is entirely at your own risk.

Children without a swimming certificate should never use the pool without supervision from their parents or supervisors.

Tissendie is not liable for the use of the pool.


Smoking is not allowed in our accommodations.


Despite our good care, it is possible that you may have a complaint.

Please inform us immediatly so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.

Unused accommodation:

If you have to interrupt your original stay (late arrival, interruption or early departure), this does not entitle you to compensation.

Dissolving conditions:

In the event of non-payment of rent and / or other costs (8 days after a reminder sent in vain) or in the event of non-compliance with one of the conditions of the contract, the landlord can terminate the lease with immediate effect. .